is one of the leading providers of new and innovative mobility solutions.
We support decision-makers and develop pioneering technical concepts.

We make travelling safer, sustainable and more comfortable.
Our values are: passion, innovation, sustainability, service and trust.


REITHMEIER MOBILITY SOLUTIONS is an experienced, competent and highly effective partner for all areas related to mobility solutions for tomorrow.


Together with our partners, we create concepts for the next generation of vehicles, develop technical solutions and support the entire implementation process.
We focus intensively on the requirements of the end-user.

Areas of activity for concepts:

interior designs

operating concepts




To make logistics sustainable is our primary objective.

Our subsidiary company RMS MOOVE developed an innovative system, which is making supply chains much more flexible – and eco-friendly. On-road tests within pilot-projects have started.


small, smart, superior:

  • agile and efficient
  • independent from any OEMs
  • technically robust und self-sufficient
  • clean and CO2-free
  • city-friendly quiet

Innovative sustainable

The parking garage will become the hub: With micro-hubs we use additional spaces and relieve city-centers


Innovative exchangeable containers support the whole distance from the distribution center to end customers. Electromobile vans are distributing the containers to micro-hubs. From there pedelecs finally deliver.


The exchange is manually possible and easy. The roller-platform is universal – independent from pedelec and van OEMs. The micro-hubs are not needing more space than a car-park. They do not need any electrical energy and can be positioned in strategically perfect locations.

> Driving distances can be reduced

> Transportation is emission-free.

> Trucks and vans with combustion engines can be kept outside city centers .

> City-Centers are respiring!


REITHMEIER MOBILITY SOLUTIONS has extensive experience in the caravanning and automotive industry.


We identify potential opportunities to increase efficiency and accompany our clients during the entire change process – from the initial analysis through to the development of solutions to the implementation of suggested actions.

Areas of activity for consulting services:

Strategy development
for all relevant areas

(Sales, Innovation, R&D, Production, Procurement, After Sales Service)

Implementation of
Design-to-value approaches
Procurement optimization

(cost reduction, reduction of complexity, global sourcing)

Implementation of
product development processes
Service process design
and optimization


Wir haben starke Partner mit umfangreicher Erfahrung

Lippert Components Inc. (LCI) ist ein multinationaler Anbieter von Komponenten für Caravaning, Marine und Sonderfahrzeuge und wurde 1956 gegründet. Derzeit verfügt das Unternehmen über mehr als 80 Standorte weltweit.

Das Produktportfolio von LCI umfasst u. a. Hubbetten, Türen, Slideouts, Fenster- und Chassiskomponenten.

Ein herausragender Kundenservice ist für LCI dabei von besonderer Bedeutung.

ConMoto ist die umsetzungsstarke Managementberatung. Mit innovativen Methoden und partnerschaftlichem Handeln erarbeitet ConMoto Lösungen und setzt diese systematisch um, verändert Strukturen und Prozesse effizient und bewegt Menschen erfolgreich.

80 Berater begleiten Unternehmen bei jedem Umsetzungsschritt. Das führt zu nachhaltigen, substanziellen Verbesserungen.


Founder and Managing Director


  • 20 years of experience in the caravanning and automotive industry
  • Extensive knowledge in the fields of innovation, engineering and production
  • Approx. 20 years in management and leadership roles


  • Examples of successfully completed projects:
  • Development of international sales and service organisations
  • Development of a new van concept with Mercedes Benz
  • Connectivity solutions for remote control functions of recreational vehicles
  • Autonomous driving van
  • „Drive by wire“ motorhome in cooperation with Paravan
  • E-Drive for trailers as range extender

Joerg Reithmeiers core strength lies within the development of top teams in the following areas:

Innovation projects

Concept design
& implementation

Product management

Product development

After Sales


REITHMEIER MOBILITY SOLUTIONS will support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by:

improving air quality
reducing congestion
improving road safety
and allowing people to have more time to relax or work whilst travelling

Child Health Initiative

REITHMEIER MOBILITY SOLUTIONS supports the Child Health Initiative coordinated by the FIA Foundation. Their mission is a safe and healthy journey to and from school for every child by 2030.


Every year 500,000 young lives are tragically cut short either due to road traffic injury, or the impact of toxic air with vehicle emissions a major contributor. Road traffic injury is the No.1 killer of young people worldwide. Toxic air damages the health of millions more.



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88212 Ravensburg

+49 751 3529 110

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